Prescinto Lunch with Keynote Speaker Sandhya Ganapathy
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 12:30 PM - 1:40 PM
Sandhya Ganapathy

Join us for a hot buffet lunch sponsored by Prescinto, and a fireside chat with our keynote speaker Sandya Ganapathy, CEO of EDP Renewables North America, in a conversation with Nick Hylla, Executive Director of MREA. EDP Renewables is the fourth largest renewable energy producer in the world and third largest producer in the U.S. Nick Hylla, the Executive Director of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, will sit down with CEO of EDP Renewables North America, Sandhya Ganapathy, to discuss her history with EDPR, her approach as CEO, the opportunities she sees for EDPR and its investments in the Midwest, the challenges facing renewable energy markets overall, and her vision for a regional, continental and global transition to clean energy.

Location Name
Orchestra A-C
Full Address
Hilton Minneapolis
1001 S Marquette Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55403
United States
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