Full Name
Caleb Arthur
Job Title
Sun Solar, LLC
Speaker Bio
Caleb Arthur is the founder and CEO of Sun Solar, LLC, the Majority Shareholder. Caleb Arthur grew up in Houston, MO where he later served several years as a commissioned peace officer. After a serious injury on the job, Caleb found himself researching alternative energy sources for his own home to offset his financial costs. In doing so, Caleb became intrigued with solar energy and decided to dedicate his life to creating a sustainable planet through alternative energy solutions. Founding Sun Solar in 2012, he continues to own and operate the business.
He has served also on the board of the Missouri Clean Energy District. Caleb was appointed in 2020 by the Governor of Missouri be seated on the EIERA board, where he is currently still a board member. He was instrumental on Bill 745 that was passed by the Governor.
Caleb Arthur