Full Name
Anupam Gopal
Job Title
President and CEO
Enerzinx, LLC.
Speaker Bio
Anupam Gopal is the founder and CEO of Enerzinx, LLC. In this capacity, he has led the electrical design and development of over 120 GW of renewable energy projects and their grid integration. Mr. Gopal has over 20 years of wide-ranging experience in the field of power system engineering. He has served in various positions in the United States and abroad. His experience ranges from commissioning equipment in the field to cutting-edge research in the area of high-performance computing in the field of power system engineering. Mr. Gopal’s recent engagements involve working with project developers, generation owners, and financial institutions, providing expert technical assistance for various large and small-scale power system projects.

Prior to joining Enerzinx, Mr. Gopal was employed with DNV KEMA as a Senior Engineer, where he primarily focused on providing consulting services in the area of renewable integration. Mr. Gopal has been involved in the design and analysis of over 5 GW of renewable generating facilities in the United States. As a consultant, he worked closely with developers and financial institutions to finalize the design requirements of the plant in order to meet the interconnecting utilities’ minimum technical requirements. Mr. Gopal has developed dynamic models (Electromagnetic transient models) for a majority of the leading wind and solar equipment manufacturers. He has performed numerous power system steady state and dynamic studies during his time at DNV KEMA using commercially licensed software such as GE-PSLF, PSSE, PSCAD, MATLAB, etc. Anupam has been instrumental in expanding the consulting portfolio of DNV KEMA by providing additional services in the area of Power System Economics Consulting. He has served as a Project Manager and led numerous consulting projects during his tenure at DNV KEMA.

Mr. Gopal was employed with General Electric, where he was a Senior Engineer involved in power system studies in the field of reliability, economics, and generation planning. Anupam has also led the design and development of numerous software development projects. His efforts led to the development of new algorithms, expansion of interaction with other products, faster execution, and improved usability of the industry-leading GE Multi Area Production Simulation (MAPS); Multi Area Reliability Simulation (MARS); and GE Positive Sequence Load Flow (PSLF) software products. Anupam developed the Common Information Model (CIM) for PSLF as well as Proviso-HD (Contingency Analysis tool for PSLF). During his time at GE, Anupam provided industry-oriented commercial training courses and workshops for MAPS. Anupam has served as Research Fellow at Drexel University, conducting research in the area of High-Performance Computing for Power System Analysis. He served as Assistant Manager for Reliance Energy Limited, India, where he was responsible for planning and executing the commissioning, maintenance, and testing schedule of electrical instruments including switchgear, transformers, fault protection, and isolation devices. Mr. Gopal holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from V.T.U., Belgaum, and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia.
Anupam Gopal